The Offender!

The Offender

Here you see “The Offender”.

My right big toe has started to hurt like it’s been crushed and for the life of me, I can’t remember what happened to it. It aches between the bottom joint where it attaches to the rest of your foot, and the middle joint. Hurts to put weight on it and hurts when I put it up. I saw the doctor this morning who sent me off for an x-ray which will hopefully tell me what’s happened to it. I do kneel down to light the loungeroom fire and think maybe getting up and bending it back, putting all my weight on it might have something to do with it. Who knows?

The Offender and it's mate

Here is “The Offender” and it’s mate having a drink and commiserating with each other. The photo is a tad blurry. Maybe they started drinking without me? 😀  It is the foot I use when accelerating in the car. I have been driving a bit of late and have to head off on a long drive again tomorrow to take my beloved to his operation in Perth. It will be an interesting drive for sure!

6 thoughts on “The Offender!

  1. Bugger! It’s not gout is it Pinky? Roxies son Scott (27) has exactly the same thing and it is incredibly painful apparently. It always starts with your big toe. Ask the doctor about it, it’s a simple blood test to find out and gout is on the rise these days apparently. Are you eating lots of fish these days? It might be something to check and tick off the list anyway. You won’t pick gout up with an x-ray, you would need to have that blood test.

    1. No. Pretty sure it isn’t gout Fronkii. Doc thinks it is either a burst blood vessell or small fracture which leaves me wondering about the state of my Vitamin D reserves again if it is.

      1. Keep it in mind Pinky if the xrays don’t show anything, gout is on the rise in modern society and the fact it was the junction where you big toe meets your foot made me suspicious. Hope it isn’t though, Scott is in incredible pain from it now and has to take medication.

      2. I’ve seen enough gouty peoples gouty digits to know this aint gout Fronkiii. X-ray was clear so the doc is sending me for an ultrasound. I got him to add on a uric acid blood test just to make absolutley sure it’s not gout. The only other thing I think it could be is where Rocky trod on my bare foot once years ago and that it might have turned arthritic finally. Hope not. I think it’s just a strained tendon.

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