A bit about me.

I was born in a little town called Denmark way back 😉 in 1965. It’s situated in one of the lowest points of Western Australia, surrounded by tall timbered forests, ocean and inlets. Even though my parents were divorced when I was nine, I had a full and mostly happy childhood surrounded by vast amounts of relatives at who’s houses we met every Wednesday night for tea or dropped in on frequently. I have an older sister and a younger brother who I spar with on a regular basis and whom I love. I was married for 13 years before it ended in divorce and we had two lovely girls who have grown up and moved on into happy successful pastures. My ex-husband and I are good friends now. I work in a pathology laboratory at a busy hospital in Albany, Western Australia that is 55 kilometres away from Denmark give or take a kilometre. My partner since 1998 teaches Human Biology and Chemistry at Albany Senior High School and he is a Medical Scientist by qualification.

I hope to be able to inspire and amuse you fellow bloggers with a mix of blogs on many and varied things. I love food and all that is involved in it’s production. From the farm to the plate. I love books of most sorts and reading them, animals, birds, gardening, my work in the laboratory and craft work like quilting and decoupage. My life is one of constant learning via making mistakes first :D. Hope you get some enjoyment out of these blogs.

9 thoughts on “A bit about me.

  1. Hey Cathy! Thanks for following my blog. If you’ve read my about page you’ll know I lived in WA for a while. I do miss it dearly and think about moving back every time it snows 🙂 The Denmark/Albany areas are very beautiful and I wish we had visited that area more than the two times we did.
    Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about that special place in Australia.
    Do you have a good recipe for melting moments? I’ve put them on my to do list but don’t have a recipe yet?

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading my blog. Loved your blog. Am looking for my mums melting moments recipe for you. I will post it in the next couple of days. Dealing with the death of a much loved cat today and feeling very sad. Will definitely get back to you. It’s great you got to experience life in Australia for a few years. Come back any time! Your always welcome 🙂

  2. Silly me…I always thought you were in the US…I don’t know why. I’ve had such a good laugh…I’m glad I read this page

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