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A turbinectomy is not a funny hat!

Hello to my fellow bloggers 😊. I apologise for not being very present on WordPress. I’m recovering from nose and sinus surgery so am not up to doing much anyway. I had a total bilateral turbinectomy including my ethmoid sinuses and the shaving of my septum that was all wonky and blocking my nostril.

I should be back on my feet and baking in a little while. I’m looking forward to being able to breathe easier and smell things better very soon. I should also be looking much more glamorous than I do in the above picture 😜. I am recovering at my in laws Maxine and Johns house in Perth and they are spoiling me. Love them to bits. Jason and I will head back to the cool of Albany tomorrow I think.
Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon xox

I got married!


I have been quiet for a little while of late because I have been contemplating my wedding which occurred on the 23rd of January, a Thursday afternoon affair.

We had a wonderful day that was so fuss free we enjoyed every single moment of it. Our marriage celebrant was sensational. She put us and our families totally at ease and kept the whole ceremony a very happy and joyous occasion.

It was even worth wearing a dress and high heels for the first time in years 😀 Though the high heels came off as soon as we finished our high tea at the little top notch restaurant Print Hall we went to after the ceremony. I had cleverly hidden some stylish red flats in our camera case and they felt wonderful to wear and walk about a kilometre back to our hotel in.

Jason and I had been engaged for 14-15 years. I procrastinated a lot about getting married. Maybe because I’d been married once before and that hadn’t worked out. I told myself I was happy with the status quo even though Jason kept hankering at me to get married. Whatever the reasons I had, I finally came to the point where I realised I never wanted to be away or separated from Jason as he’s my best friend, lover, step-father to my two grown up girls and an all round perfect gentleman for me 😀


This happy snap was taken by our marvellous wedding celebrant Jacqueline and she had us all wave at the camera which I thought was lovely. A most happy day, enjoyed by all 😀

Wedding breakfast Wedding breakfast.jpeg

These are the two sides of our Riesling high tea menu. It was fabulous to have a matching wine chosen for me for each stage of the high tea. I had the Pewsey Vale ‘Contours’ 2007, Eden Valley as my dry Riesling that went oh so beautifully with the Goats curd level.

I had the Tunkalilla Vineyard 2008 Oregon as my off dry Riesling which married beautifully with the confit of white rabbit and rhubarb level.

The sweet Riesling I chose  was the Mount Horrocks “Cordon Cut” 375ml 2013, Clare Valley and that washed down well the little lemon meringue tarts and especially the gorgonzola and native honey, absolutely divine!

I sound like Patsy from Ab Fab there but I could’ve drunk that last wine all afternoon 😀

All in all, a wonderful afternoon that didn’t cost the farm, hit all the happy spots in service and family joy and that could only have been improved by having my sister and brother and nieces and nephew come over from Tasmania and Denmark to join in. Loved it all 🙂

Thanks for sharing our special day.

The Offender!

The Offender

Here you see “The Offender”.

My right big toe has started to hurt like it’s been crushed and for the life of me, I can’t remember what happened to it. It aches between the bottom joint where it attaches to the rest of your foot, and the middle joint. Hurts to put weight on it and hurts when I put it up. I saw the doctor this morning who sent me off for an x-ray which will hopefully tell me what’s happened to it. I do kneel down to light the loungeroom fire and think maybe getting up and bending it back, putting all my weight on it might have something to do with it. Who knows?

The Offender and it's mate

Here is “The Offender” and it’s mate having a drink and commiserating with each other. The photo is a tad blurry. Maybe they started drinking without me? 😀  It is the foot I use when accelerating in the car. I have been driving a bit of late and have to head off on a long drive again tomorrow to take my beloved to his operation in Perth. It will be an interesting drive for sure!

The Escape.


There’s a hotel we stay at a lot whenever we have to travel to Perth and I kept seeing this door. I imagine lots of different universes exist behind this door rather than the good old fire escape.

Most of the time, a trip to Perth for us involves a long drive (at least 4 hours) from Albany as to fly would cost more than a short trip to Bali! All of us Albanyites are praying for cheaper flights now that Virgin has taken over Skywest down here and I’m hoping Qantas will join in very soon as well.  We’ll be up and back three times in the next 3 weeks as my dearly beloved “Chucky” has to have surgery on his elbow for nerve entrapment. He’s going in on Wednesday 7th August. This wasn’t planned when we came up last week for the specialist appointment but he can fit him in next week. We’ll then have to go back to Perth on the 16th for a follow up appointment to see how it all went. He had his left elbow operated on back in 2009 and it was found he had an extra muscle in his elbow to most people that was causing the problem and the same thing has occurred on his right elbow now.

We had the best night for a long time last night. We were invited around to another couples house for a games night and we all played Dr Who monopoly. It was a fun filled laugh of a night helped along by the odd glass of something red and lots of cheese, apple and crackers. I came third as I foolishly gave up one of my important cards to my beloved who promptly became the landlord from hell charging anyone who landed on this spot 200 smackers! Ah board games! Love them. We’re going to meet up sagain soon and play either Pictionary or Cranium or maybe Trivial Pursuit. Much better than sitting glued to the television.

Ok the sun is shining brightly and the day is looking good. Time to go find my nearest escape route and exit the building!

Red sky in the morning, Shepherds warning!



This was the sky when I was first up this morning.

The radio announcer was saying the barometer was dropping like a stone and we are in for some gusty old weather. I then went out and chopped a couple of loads of wood to carry me through the next couple of days. I don’t want to be finishing work in the laboratory at 6pm dark time and have to chop some wood then. “Chucky” has to drive to Perth to pick up our youngest daughter who will be having some keyhole knee surgery on the 10th and is coming home (JOY!) to recuperate for a few days. I’ll take her back to Perth on my week off next week having attempted to put some weight on her skinny frame.

Have a lovely safe Tuesday everyone.

A Heartful of Chillies

A Heartful of Chillies

I cannot for the life of me, work out how to insert photos into text on wordpress so all I can do is put up one picture at a time and make a comment. I’d really like to share all the photos of my Chilli Marmalade making day but when I click on insert photo, it just doesn’t. Ah well…
Anyway, this little photo is meant to bring some warmth to peoples hearts in this sometimes harsh and uncaring world. One of the joys of making condiments like chilli marmalade or onion jam or a lovely jar of bread and butter pickles is in the giving of it to a friend or loved one. I gave a jar of onion jam and chilli marmalade to my little brother Jim last night as he bought me a wonderful trailer load of wood. I use the wood to heat my house on cold nights. I’ll be taking some jars to my daughter in Perth this week as a gift for her and her housemates. Should warm the cockles of their hearts.
I wish you all some sunshine and warmth in your lives today to keep you going for the week ahead. xox