Gathering myself.

We all have times when we just have nothing to say. We look on as observers and take in others words and ideas and process them in our minds. I’ve been doing this for a few months now. It is mental health week in Australia this week and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years it’s to heal yourself or ask for help with healing yourself before you can go help others. I’m of no use to anyone if I’m not dealing with my own problems. 

So I have been gathering myself up and resting mindfully 😊. I have been baking, eating , going to concerts, drinking nice wine and more than the odd glass of pear cider, enjoying time with my husband and going to work.  I have four books on the go at the moment by various authors like Stephen King, Terry   Pratchett, James Patterson and Jonathan Kellerman that I pick up and read a few pages of and can put down if I like. I’ve been playing the odd computer game or two. Nothing like beating the aliens to destress 😉. 

This is a Dundee cake I made yesterday from a recipe from Liz at My Favourite Pastime blog. It’s meant to taste better and better the longer you leave it but it will be attacked with joy today. I’ve brushed it over twice with Henneseys Cognac and I made it with gluten free flour so Jason can enjoy it as well. 

This is a Chicken and Leek pie made with GF pastry. Wonderful way of using up left over roast chicken 😋. 

This is my dear old cat Bubbles loving her brown paper bag. 

These two photos show a gorgeous native creeper we have here called Hardenbergia. 

This is a hybrid of a native kangaroo paw flower. Don’t know it’s scientific name of the top of my head. A lovely splash of colour.

I’ll be back in blog ville very soon dear readers. Thank you for your patience 😄

10 thoughts on “Gathering myself.

  1. Ha ha I’ve just seen the like on my comment. The Dundee cake looks spectacular Frankly speaking I’ve never eaten a gluten free cake so I’m really curious, to know what it tastes like. I just bought some dried fruits and I’m planning to make two Dundee cakes tomorrow. Canadian Thanksgiving is on Monday 12 October. By then my cakes should taste awesome. Thanks so much for making the cake and have a good night.

  2. Sounds like a throughly sensible approach to life. The cake and pie look wonderful – I need to invetgate GF baking a little more as both my god daughters are gluten intolerant. But the star of the post is little Bubbles in the paper bag…so cute!

  3. A wonderful post and perfectly balance dear sister of mine :). The very best reason to be AWOL from social media is that you are enjoying life and living it to the fullest doing things that you love. That dundee cake looks mighty impressive. When are you making Christmas cakes/puddings this year? If you are. I might make a pudding but won’t make a cake. No-one eats it here. Loving the native plants. Are they in your garden? Jason is very lucky to have you cooking all of that amazing food for him 🙂

    1. Those plants are actually near the staff car park at the hospital Fronkiii. So pretty. Yep, it’s Christmas pudding time in a couple of weeks for me. I imagine the girls want a pudding again and I’ll make one for Jason’s folks and maybe even for us as well 😄

      1. Let me know the recipe as both a “recipe” and a reminder to get making ours ;). I will use you as my Christmas alarm clock 😉

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