Is that Spring I see on the Horizon?


This is the first blossom out on my Satsuma Plum tree. It is so amazing the joy I feel when I see these blossoms. I hope this poor old darling of a tree has a better year than it did last year. It was decimated first by aphids, then by a brown rotting mould that atacked all my stone fruits last year. I must get onto spraying an anti fungal/mould spray this week. It has been pouring with rain and very cold all this week and the ground is very damp and wet.


I am most disturbed by this fungus growing on a dead bit of my old apricot tree. All its fruit was damaged by fruit fly/brown rot last year and I have serious concerns about it now i’ve noticed this growing on it. Time to get me another apricot as a back up. I might get another year or two out of this one but I believe it’s on it’s way out. I wonder if the fungus is edible? Anybody know?


This is a delightful creeper that I was given a few years back for helping out with art classesΒ at my daughters primary school. I think it is called Pandora but as I am only vaguely horticultural, I am happy to be told otherwise.


Here it is shown climbing all over a brick post next to it and what you cant see are the triffid like tendrils heading off towards the roadway. Looking for a lift elsewhere perhaps?


This is a native pea bush growing in the bush bordering our block. Very delicate little purple and white flowers, no scent but the bees love it.


This is called the Sydney Wattle and even though it is a pretty bush, it is classed as a weed bush here in Western Australia and we pull it out as it outgrows all our native species here and runs rampant.


Here is a photo of my first blueberry flowers. I love these little sweet fruits and enjoy picking them off the bush and popping them straight into my mouth whilst watering them.

I’m hoping my blue iris comes out in flower soon. I’ll post some photos of it when it does. Spring is on the horizon. I look forward to sharing it with you all.


12 thoughts on “Is that Spring I see on the Horizon?

  1. We have new waterfalls, streams and rocky canyons (almost as good as the Grand Canyon) on Serendipity Farm now we have had such good rain lately. No rotten apricots or mushy Satsuma’s here, just broken fruit trees all over the place where the possums (fat) have managed to snap off all the branches :(…sounds like they should all have to go to horticulture classes and learn to prune! The flowers are lovely. We have daffies out and jonquils and snowdrops, probably parked over ancient graves (we don’t ask…) and aside from most of our plants now residing in the river (cheers gravity…) the house hasn’t managed to follow suit quite yet. If it keeps going like this we will be down to the clay (must sign up for that pottery class…). We have tonnes of wattles out and aren’t sure whether the scratchy eyes are the result of hayfever or too much wine (I am erring on the side of the latter πŸ˜‰ ). Here’s hoping you get lots of blueberries this year. I am going to try and get some to grow from cuttings (found out how to on Pinterest). Have a great day and week and hope Jason’s arm is healing nicely πŸ™‚

    1. Golly Fronkii! Might be time to build that ark πŸ˜€ We’re heading back to Perth tomorrow for Jasons final appointment (hopefully) with the surgeon. I presume he’ll be removing the stitches then and the bandages. We were told not to remove them until this appointment. Jason can’t wait!

  2. I love the native pea bush. The flowers are lovely. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures. I love flowers and nature. Wish you a lovely weekend!

    1. I am getting very excited about my fruit trees coming into bloom. Looking forward to a much better season than we had last year where all our stone fruit were affected by a brown rot and horrid fruit flies and we lost the lot. Much better prepared this year!

  3. That’s turkey fungus by the way Pinky, it means that at least that limb of your tree is cactus I’m afraid 😦 I doubt it is edible but it is pretty if that is some consolation…

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