Today we got burgled. They smashed a side window to get in after trying to smash in the door. My husband Jason must have disturbed them by arriving home mid burgle as they only managed to nick our ipads and the PlayStation leaving lots more expensive stuff behind. The police came eventually but the forensic people haven’t been yet and it’s nearly 8pm. We’ve spoken to the insurance folk who told us what we needed to do as I had no idea which way to turn. The nice glaziers have come and taken our window and door off and are mending and replacing the glass as we speak. Hopefully they’ll be back soon to refit them. We’ve changed passwords and searched for our ipads via the app but no luck yet. Everything has a password on it so good luck to them in getting in. I just feel so tired and sad at the people who did this. I wonder if they care or think about the pain and stress they put people through. Probably not. Jason just wants to use his new karate skills on them but seeing as he’s got a damaged ankle at present I think he may come off second best.  Now we have to join the ranks of folk who have home alarms and CCTV surveillance. I always lock the doors when I’m home alone but that doesn’t matter when they can smash their way in.


This is what I am drinking copious amounts of to help me feel better. It’s working mostly :D.

Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

11 thoughts on “Burgled!

  1. yes, tea makes everything better, right? I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s such a violation of privacy. So glad Jason didn’t get hurt!
    I always wondered why there were so many people in Perth with houses like fortresses…not that break ins don’t happen here in Canada but we knew people with tall fences, CCTVs, automatic window shutters, etc. I thought it was extreme but then again there are lots of people living there from S. Africa where it’s common to have a fortress.
    boy are they going to be mad when they find out everything is password protected!

    1. Ha! We just got notifications from Jason’s stolen iPad that whomever stole it have turned it on and it texted us as to where it is and is recording the thieves speaking whilst also making a noise and telling them it is stolen.Police heading there now 😄. Wish us luck!

      1. Jason’s iPad was brought around by the police yesterday. The young boy had bought it for a packet of cigarettes off another older teenager earl in the morning. He’d never been in trouble with the police before apparently so I hope this is a huge wake up call for him. I don’t think I’ll see mine though as I had my password on. We’ve filed an insurance claim for everything.

  2. Amazing story. I thought it was young boys when you wrote what they took. Sorry for all you’ve gone through! What a pain. I love that it had a “somewhat” happy ending. Hugs from Hawaii! xo

    1. Thanks Christi. Thankfully they only took a few things and insurance is covering it. Hate how it’s made us feel in our own home though. Still feeling rather off at the moment.

  3. That is the worst of it Cathy, how it makes you feel about your cosy nest. Hopefully it will feel safe again x Maybe get a big dog with a large bark, or a little dog with a large bark 🙂 xx hugs xx

  4. ‘The young boy had bought it for a packet of cigarettes off another older teenager earl in the morning’. Earl would like it known that he had NOTHING to do with the burglary just so you know ;). Lucky you had insurance and that’s what these thieves think when they are knocking off people’s houses in more affluent areas. There is a degree of envy and ‘who cares, they are insured anyway?’ that makes this all the worse because then insurance policies rise and it’s harder for everyone to remain insured.

    1. We got back Jason’s little mini iPad with the help of the find my phone/iPad app as a little ratbag bought it off a bigger kid and when he opened it up it sent a signal to Jason’s iPhone telling us where it was! We rang the police who went to that location and got it back for us. Nothing else though. Thankfully, insurance replaced everything that was stolen and the broken windows but it’s taken a while to get rid of that awful violated feeling.

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