Gardening joys.

I have been a little bit occupied over the last couple of weeks and haven’t had much time to sit down and write a blog post. I still don’t have much time as i’m off to work soon at 730am but want to give you all a glimpse into what I’ve had going on recently.

We’ve been waiting since June for the man to come and gyprock/plasterboard a few of our back rooms, the hallway and the entrance to our home. He decided to come the day before our youngest daughter arrived for a much awaited visit!!!!!! We managed to get him to just do the room she would be staying in and he did but will be coming back this week now that she has left to finish the job.


Talk about timing. He is a very busy man but I hate feeling like we’re in the wrong when we phone him to ask when he’s coming. Gotta man up and be more forceful. 😀

We have finally had a few nice days in a row and have been able to get some soil/mulch/manure mix delivered for our fruit trees and potted plants and have been shoveling and distributing it like madmen.




We had it tipped from the truck onto the tarpaulin from where we shoveled it into our little wheelbarrow. You can see the outline of the “tipping” and we have a couple of barrow loads left wrapped in the tarpaulin above for my tomato bed. It is such a joy to see how happy and healthy the garden and plants look with a bit of good soil applied. Here are a few more shots of my flowering dwarf Granny Smith apple, Santa Rosa plums and Sweet Williams which grow all year round it seems. Such a cheerful little plant and one of my favorite border plants.



I also took the time to replenish my fruit fly baits as the little beggars are already eyeing my tiny fruits off. I also made my own batch of baits out of a jar, apple cider vinegar and plastic bag with hole in top.


Next weekend I’m thinking I’ll need to start netting my fruit trees to protect them from the parrots I can hear chattering away in the gum trees.

I have 3 weeks of full time work ahead of me so am seriously going to be looking forward to some days off as I have become accustomed to my week on, week off regime now 😀

I hope you all have a lovely Autumn/Spring wherever you may be and are looking forward to the fruits of your labors at the end of it all.

13 thoughts on “Gardening joys.

  1. What timing huh! Sure as eggs it will be the most inconvenient time… oh well at least it is getting done at last. The garden looks lovely. So much to do in Spring!

    1. Hi Christi. Those are loganberries in that picture but the leaves are very similar for sure. I work in a laboratory at the hospital as a technical assistant and deal with blood and other bodily fluids/tissues from patients both in and outside the hospital. That’s why I enjoy my cooking and gardening so much as those hobbies are so very different to my everyday work life, though I do love my job it can pull on your heart sometimes. Xox

      1. Ah, I see this in our middle daughter, too, Cathy. She is a nurse at the Veteran’s Hospital (the VA) in Seattle and sees it all. She comes here for the food and dirt and difference. I admire you both for working with sick and dying.

  2. Looking very promising both inside and out Pinky. We have been flat out finishing off our studies for this year and getting that huge fully enclosed veggie garden back on the cards. We just got 1/3 of the top on today and it is starting to really take shape. Can’t wait till it’s all together and I can actually start to make gardens in there without the fear of small furry marsupials scarfing our hard work as we sleep. Love the sweet Williams by the way and don’t let up on those rancid little fruit thieving flies as they will take the mick otherwise. Good to see we are both holding up our end of the gardening stakes on both sides of the country 😉

    1. Yes Fronkiii those rascally fruit flies were sitting on my hose reel rubbing their wings together in the sun so I had to make up another couple of fruit fly baits. (Thanks you tube!) . I can’t wait to see your fenced/enclosed garden. It’ll be fantastic to be able to grow veg and fruit and not have to also feed the roos and possums. Xox

      1. We have a suspicious dearth of possums at the moment although we saw a wallaby out in the teatree garden bit down near the gate as we headed out to walk the dogs yesterday frolicking amongst the forget-me-nots (coating himself in seeds so he could spread them EVERYWHERE sigh…). I think that Launceston council might have ceased dumping possums under the Batman bridge for the moment. Some of our trees actually have leaves on them! Very unusual for this time of year ;). Keep an eye on those fruity little pests by the way. Hose hand rubbing is incredibly arrogant of them…methinks it is time for hose hand rubbing SQUISHING! That’ll learn em’!

      2. The hose isn’t though…like aphids, fruit flies are completely unable to stand strong against a wall of water (wash the little buggers down the drain! 😉 )

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