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A Heartful of Chillies

A Heartful of Chillies

I cannot for the life of me, work out how to insert photos into text on wordpress so all I can do is put up one picture at a time and make a comment. I’d really like to share all the photos of my Chilli Marmalade making day but when I click on insert photo, it just doesn’t. Ah well…
Anyway, this little photo is meant to bring some warmth to peoples hearts in this sometimes harsh and uncaring world. One of the joys of making condiments like chilli marmalade or onion jam or a lovely jar of bread and butter pickles is in the giving of it to a friend or loved one. I gave a jar of onion jam and chilli marmalade to my little brother Jim last night as he bought me a wonderful trailer load of wood. I use the wood to heat my house on cold nights. I’ll be taking some jars to my daughter in Perth this week as a gift for her and her housemates. Should warm the cockles of their hearts.
I wish you all some sunshine and warmth in your lives today to keep you going for the week ahead. xox