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The Escape.


There’s a hotel we stay at a lot whenever we have to travel to Perth and I kept seeing this door. I imagine lots of different universes exist behind this door rather than the good old fire escape.

Most of the time, a trip to Perth for us involves a long drive (at least 4 hours) from Albany as to fly would cost more than a short trip to Bali! All of us Albanyites are praying for cheaper flights now that Virgin has taken over Skywest down here and I’m hoping Qantas will join in very soon as well.  We’ll be up and back three times in the next 3 weeks as my dearly beloved “Chucky” has to have surgery on his elbow for nerve entrapment. He’s going in on Wednesday 7th August. This wasn’t planned when we came up last week for the specialist appointment but he can fit him in next week. We’ll then have to go back to Perth on the 16th for a follow up appointment to see how it all went. He had his left elbow operated on back in 2009 and it was found he had an extra muscle in his elbow to most people that was causing the problem and the same thing has occurred on his right elbow now.

We had the best night for a long time last night. We were invited around to another couples house for a games night and we all played Dr Who monopoly. It was a fun filled laugh of a night helped along by the odd glass of something red and lots of cheese, apple and crackers. I came third as I foolishly gave up one of my important cards to my beloved who promptly became the landlord from hell charging anyone who landed on this spot 200 smackers! Ah board games! Love them. We’re going to meet up sagain soon and play either Pictionary or Cranium or maybe Trivial Pursuit. Much better than sitting glued to the television.

Ok the sun is shining brightly and the day is looking good. Time to go find my nearest escape route and exit the building!