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My Chilli Marmalade tryout!

All praise for this delicious recipe must go to Emily over at chillimarmalade.com. She has the best food site i’ve discovered, plus she’s an expat Aussie so she’s great in my books 🙂


Here is a picture some of the ingredients you’ll need.Recipe follows.


10 Red capsicums (Peppers), diced small

10 Long Red chillies, sliced with seeds left in

1 head of garlic minced

1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger, sliced finely

750gm Raw castor sugar

250ml Red wine vinigar

Combine all on top of stove and cook, stirring often until it resembles jam. Bottle into hot, sterilized jars and seal with lids immediately.


I made a heartful of chillies!


Boil all together just like this!


And this is what you end up with! It actually made 3.5 one cup jars of lovely sticky hot (but not devestatingly hot) chilli marmalade. One of the nicest I’ve tried. Great with cheese, steak and inserted into stirfries. Yummo!

Bon appetite!

Emily’s Boozy Red Onion Marmalade

Emily's Boozy Red Onion Marmalade

Here is my finished version of a recipe from Emily at Chilli Marmalade. It turned out very well and I’ll be lucky if I get to keep a jar or two. Everybody wants one! I had some on my steak burger for tea last night and it is simply the best relish/onion jam to put on it. I didn’t need any steak sauce as this met all the requirements. So delicious and thank you Emily for sharing that recipe with all of us. It’s also great to be able to use some of the many empty jars I collect for just such occasions as these 😀 The recipe made seven and a half jars all up. I also got to use up a bottle of shiraz I’d had since 2002 and it was still ok plus some left over Christmas port. Loving red onions as my eyes didn’t water at all with the cutting of them. Happy Days!