Moving on.

I wish all my fellow bloggers and blog followers a very happy and productive new year and year ahead 😄.
I had a most horrendous end to 2014 with a horrible excuse for a human swerving to run over and then taking my poor little cat Molly on the night before New Year’s Eve! Jason and I cried for days afterwards. We know they swerved to hit her as we found a pool of blood and her fur on the end of our driveway but no sign of Molly’s body anywhere and believe me, we searched high and low, in bins, under bushes, in sheds. She snuck out of the house when we bought our birds inside and never is allowed out at night or during the day except if we are home. As soon as we realised that she wasn’t inside we raced out calling for her. Our other cat Bubbles came inside then and was mewing at us really loudly as if she was trying to tell us something. Molly never came when she was called which was highly unusual for her. We searched with torches up and down the three house street we live on but found nothing. I got up three times during the night and went outside calling her. Nothing. The next day I came back from an early morning coffee with friends and just happened to look down at the road when I pulled into the driveway and that is where I saw what was left of Molly. A small amount of her fur and a large amount of her blood. It’s going to take me a long, long time to get over losing her. What makes it all the worse is that she was never allowed out without us and one little mistake by us and a horrendously morally challenged individual has taken her from us. We’re slowly moving on but gosh it hurts so bad.

Looking forward to a much nicer and happier 2015.
On a brighter note, my fruit trees are being very productive and the fruit fly has been pretty silent or vanquished! I got a nice little crop of Santa Rosa plums and have turned them into a yummy plum compote jammy mix. It goes very well on toast and swirled into ice cream and cheesecakes and with custard 😍. My apricots are also looking fabulous and are starting to blush with that ripening apricot colour and the Satsuma plum is ripening too but I have to contend with the naughty parrots who delight in dropping the fruit before it is ripe!
I wish you all the very best and I’ll be back soon with some more gluten free recipes and non GF recipes too as I like a balance 😉.

11 thoughts on “Moving on.

  1. Hugs, hugs and more hugs Cathy x. I remember when I lost my cat Minty to a car. The driver was a kind soul and placed her in a sack next to our letterbox with a note. She was used to a quiet cul de sac and we had moved to a busier street just that week. I too cried my eyes out and it seemed like my heart would never mend. I hope these sad moments will pass for you both and soon replaced by those happy memories of your sweet baby x🐾

    1. Thanks Kym. Today has been the best day I’ve had since it happened. Now I’m feeling sad for Bubbles my other cat. She’s just mooching about the house seemingly looking for Molly, not they were ever friends. Bubbles would bop her on the head whenever she got the chance and Molly would chase her around the house 😄.

  2. Cats are strange creatures sometimes aren’t they. I had two cats who were brother and sister. She was nasty to her brother but he took it in his stride, most of the time. When they turned 16 he looked old and rickety but she looked like a young cat still. He passed away that year and I thought she would live for ages but just 3 weeks later she was gone too. Seems she missed him after all.

      1. I don’t think she will either, she is missing her cat sister even though they seemed to not get on. Extra hugs needed for her too x

  3. Oh!!! I am so sorry to hear that Cathy. It’s so hard to lose a but in such awful circumstances, well that’s just tragic for you xxx I can never understand the inhumanity of some! That will take some coming to terms with 😦

  4. Oh no! Molly the beautiful black and white kitty. 😦 I love cats, too, Cathy, and feel so sorry for your loss. May your memories help comfort you and Jason. Much aloha and hugs from Hawaii.

  5. Big hugs Pinkiii. I know that losing Molly would have hit you and Jason to the quick and whoever did it has serious mental problems :(. Poor Bubbles, as antisocial as she is, she will be missing Molly. Kudos on vanquishing the fruit flies. Whatever you did appears to have worked this year. Keep doing it! It’s always lovely to have fruit fresh. I am not a great one for preserved fruit but I know that you have always loved it and it must feel great to just grab a jar and “dollop” whenever you like :). We all love your shared recipes and your blog Pinkiii and 2015 will be much better for all of us 🙂

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