12 thoughts on “Melonade

  1. I don’t think you will have to pretend it is summer in W.A. 😉 Excellent share Pinky. You have me thinking I might have a go at growing some watermelon this year. What do you think, give it a shot? I am trying to grow everything in the veggie garden from seed this year. Spent yesterday out in Sanctuary pulling out mountains of nasturtiums and saving lizards from Earl but got the gardens forked over and compost turned in. I reckon watermelon and rock melon might be goers this year. Melonade…here I come! 🙂

      1. We are supposed to be getting rain tomorrow so we will be in the shed making spoons and potting up veggie seeds. I want to grow our own this year so that involves potting up seeds 🙂

      2. 🙂 I am absolutely knackered and falling asleep at the PC after a long hard day in the garden. I will sleep the sleep of the righteous tonight. Supposed to rain tomorrow so we will be potting up our seeds tomorrow. Sounds like you are going to have an awesome tomato feast there Pinky. Might be time to get some delicious buffalo mozzarella to add into the mix 😉

  2. I have this incredible hulk of a melon and I kept on wondering what i would do with it. Now I know. The photos are a amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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