Springish type equinox!

Hello to all in the blogosphere and may your day be going splendidly or your night time as well. I’m currently getting my bones into gear to start attempting to tackle the protecting of my fruit futures from the dreaded fruit fly invasion. Oh how I hate and abhor those little tiny flies just doing what comes naturally.


See that little fruit fly on my rosemary bush? The flowers have only just come out on my ancient apricot and they’re already rubbing there legs with glee!


Here’s a close up of the nasty little aphids I discovered on my double grafted nectarine tree yesterday. As its only small at the present I was successful in spraying them with Pyrethrum till they were dead. They haven’t spread to the new growth on my other fruit trees yet but I’m going to keep my eyes peeled.


This is my newish Trevatt Apricot just coming into flower.


This is the gorgeous blossom of my Satsuma plum. The tree is thick with it this year. It was severely affected by aphids last year and has come back beautifully this year thankfully.


These blossoms belong to my Santa Rosa plum which sits next door to my Satsuma plum. It is also nicely covering the whole tree this year 🙂


These blossoms belong to my old Apricot which I always think is going to die any year now but keeps surprising me. This year I shall get fruit without maggots in it, I’m determined. Nylon bags are at the ready to go on!


These are my blueberries just starting to get into flower and fruit stage. Cannot wait for these little purple beauties to arrive in force.


Here is a little millipede climbing up our newly painted garage wall the other day. Amazing little critters and such an ancient little fossil creature still alive today 🙂


This is my lovely Princess Lavender. The bees adore it as do I. I need to purchase lots more of these little plants or maybe just take some cuttings from these and get them growing.


This is one of the Kookaburras (a member of the Kingfisher family) that live and hunt about our house. Very adept hunters.


Here it is eyeing Jason and the camera off.

I end this short springish blog off with a few photos of the delectable and always amusing Molly who is forever telling us what we should be doing for her.


I’m just waiting for a call to come through guys. Can you answer it for me?


Hmmm what shall I do now? I’m in the mood for some ripping about in the sunshine.


Well, this is fun! Now I’m up here what can I see, apart from my human taking my best angle in this photo?


The morning has been SO exhausting that I must immediately lie down right here on this nice warm newspaper you don’t need to be reading 😉

Have a lovely day/night wherever you may be fellow bloggers.

10 thoughts on “Springish type equinox!

  1. Mangling metaphors, my favourite passtime when I am not supurating my spelling 😉

    I can SEE the little bugger pointing with glee at your fruit trees! I would watch that rosemary plant if I was you…it appears to be pointing out the tastiest most promising blossums on your fruit trees for that fruit fly to sting. I reckon they are in cahoots! Keep an eye on ants. They carry aphids from plant to plant and they are the chief way that aphids get around as they are lazy little fat sacks of sap otherwise ;). Your blueberries are WAY ahead of mine. Mine are just coming into leaf now. Goes to show that this is one big WIDE country with all kinds of climactic conditions that we live in doesn’t it? 🙂 LOVE that newspaper shot of Molly and Jason is looking ripped from his karate and that looks like a lot of sunbeams invading your neck of the woods. We are only just starting to enjoy going out into ours now as the temperatures climb into double digits. Not that I want them to go much further than the low 20’s but out of the single digits is lovely :). Show us your fruit fly bags! 😉

      1. I wonder how long the window of opportunity is between flower fertilisation and fruit fly infestation? Surely there has to be “fruit” there to sting before they get stuck in with their little ovipositors and start stealing fruit? We have flowers on the nectarine trees, the pear trees and even a few on the poor long suffering peach tree this year. The mulberry still hasn’t leafed up and the mandarin that is directly below the chook run (and thus getting more nitrogen than it has a right to ever expect) is now nice and green and completely and utterly at the mercy of the possums. NO idea how to protect it as it is stuck out in the middle of no-man’s land halfway to Frank’s but one day I will work out how to protect it and get actual mandarins 😉 Just about to erect a structure around the blueberries (that are leafing up and COVERED in flowers thanks to their current position in a mountain of horse manure 😉 ), raspberries and large rhubarb root that is sprouting leaves all over the place to protect them from the native animals AND the chooks who are as nefarious as the natives when they want to scoff something. Wish me luck, I am running out of ex fish-farm netting!

  2. EEK! I just included a first sentence that wasn’t supposed to be there. That was for another blog post entirely…that will teach me for answering family posts first won’t it? 😉 OOPS 😉

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