Cabin fever.


I got cabin fever today. I allowed myself to become cooped up indoors, mainly due to the bad weather of the past few days, and went slightly stir crazy. I had to get out! Where to go? I chose the beach. It had been blowing a gale all night, the power was out and I was feeling frazzled so the beach was my soothing drug of choice. When I go to the beach, I don’t leap about power walking or jogging for fitness, I stroll about, looking for interesting shells or whatever the ocean throws up after rough weather. I love the mental peace I feel when I go to the beach. The gentle waves on the shore, the tiny little birds that run about looking for sand hoppers etc. I love the various colours and shapes of these scallop shells and other shells I found.


I don’t know if you’ll be able to see them but at about 9 o’clock in this phone photo there are a couple of teeny, tiny birds that were scavenging, like me for flotsam and jetsam on the beach. I wish I’d bought my good camera with me now. Next time I’ll do better 😀


In the middle of this picture you can just see a tiny Santa Rosa plum forming and another one peeping out of its old flower. Yay! Plum jam for us to come 😀

Hope you enjoyed the photos. See you all again sooner, rather than as late as I’ve been getting.

9 thoughts on “Cabin fever.

  1. A lovely post and my especially favourite bit of Middleton Beach shared in shades of grey ;). Can’t see the little birds but then again, I am pretending that I don’t need glasses at the moment (aHEM 😉 ). Love the plums and I can see 3! Looks like jam is definately on the cards. We got fruit set as well but we have to hurry up and think of a way to stop the possums from getting to it. Not as easy as it sounds aside from chaining Earl on a long lead at the base of the trees ;). Hugs from rainy Tassie. Get addicted to Pinterest, you won’t notice “time” ever again! 😉

    1. I’m scared of Pinterest Fronkiii. Jason would never see me again I fear, if I went down that path. 😀 The little birds were really tiny and my phone camera ain’t that great. I also had two white corellas sitting under the pine trees eating seeds and a small flock of pink and grey galahs rummaging about on the beach as well 😀

      1. I loved going down to Middleton beach. I used to walk from our place in Grey St all the way around the boardwalk and back home every day. I started at 5am and got so I could do it in 40 minutes. I doubt I could do it that fast now ;). I am not addicted to Pinterest…I just read it for the articles (and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you 😉 )

      2. Geez Fronkiii, I can never walk that fast as I always need to stop and see whats going on in the bushes or under that bit of seaweed 😀 It’s better for me just to get on the treadmill and set a brisk pace if I want any form of exercise, not that I even do that anymore I’m such a fatty lumpkin 😀

      3. Pfft! I know and understand fatty lumpkin Pinko. Most of my life was spent living under my lumpkin mantra :(. I said to Steve “you know what? It’s just a bit sad that I only found out how good healthy feels later in life?” Oh well, at least I did I suppose. You were skinnymalinky for most of your life and you can be slim again Pinky. Jumping on that treadmill is a good start. Get yourself a good magazine to browse and just set it to a slow walk and just walk. I would use a treadmill if I had one although saying that, how much did I use that all in gym that Robert and I had eh? Familiarity breeds contempt. I would rather get out and walk (but not in the rain which we have been having lots of lately so I am hibernating again 😉 ).

  2. I think one of the reasons I follow so many Aussie blogs is so that I see that spring is happening in your part of the world right when we start getting into cold, yucky weather…It’s a bit of hope 😉 The other reason is that you are all such wonderful friendly people..and you can cook!

    1. Middleton Beach is about 3-4 kilometers away. It was beautiful down there when I went to look for supposed whales frolicking near the shore yesterday but about an hour later a huge storm blew in and I had to retreat indoors for the rest of the day. Winter is still upon us 😀

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