Red sky in the morning, Shepherds warning!



This was the sky when I was first up this morning.

The radio announcer was saying the barometer was dropping like a stone and we are in for some gusty old weather. I then went out and chopped a couple of loads of wood to carry me through the next couple of days. I don’t want to be finishing work in the laboratory at 6pm dark time and have to chop some wood then. “Chucky” has to drive to Perth to pick up our youngest daughter who will be having some keyhole knee surgery on the 10th and is coming home (JOY!) to recuperate for a few days. I’ll take her back to Perth on my week off next week having attempted to put some weight on her skinny frame.

Have a lovely safe Tuesday everyone.

4 thoughts on “Red sky in the morning, Shepherds warning!

  1. Good luck getting any weight on “Fatty” by the way…I swear she oozes it off and it surruptitiously (I just KNOW I spelt that wrong 😉 ) finds it’s way to adhering itself to the rest of us “We are onto you Fatty!” ;). Give her a hug from me and hopefully all goes well for the surgery. I guess the prima ballarina career is over now…might have to make do with pacing the coridors stealing other people’s blood for a living ;). Love that sky. I am NOT going to show this to poor Steve who has been out hunting the Aurora Australis in -4C temperatures rugged up like a Russian babushka doll (with the furry hat to match) for the last 4 nights and who got uber excited last night about how he most probably had some AMAZING shots of the Aurora Australis when he got back in and realised that what he actually spent an hour in the freezing tundras of Deviot shooting (we can’t see south from here as its all uphill) was the Dillston football clubs practice session…he has about 100 photographs should anyone from Dillston want to purchase any of them ;). Oh well… your image would make him go all rumplestiltskin ;). Again, tell fatty hugs from Aunty Fronk ok?

    1. Hi Fronkii, I spoke with Sabrina this morning, she was having breakfast with “Ryan” her new boyfriend and she goes in at 1pm WA time. Jason is going to be there too. Poor Steve. I thought those lights were too much like a footy ground to be the Aurora. Can’t he just photoshop the Aurora in? Hahahahaha. You need to knit him a beanie too. xox

      1. He would rather cut of his ears than wear a beanie! He has a furry Russian hat that terrifies the natives and that is welded to his head whenever he goes outside at the moment. You might need a beanie as well Pinkus 😉

      2. Beanie maker supreme Fronkii! Please have one on standby for if I need it. From what I remember of the cold weather over there, you’ll need to make my nose a beanie. Maybe a full-face balaclava with a tiny slit for my eyes! 😀 I’ve got enough of a fat layer under my skin to keep the whole of Tasmania warm for at least 5 winters I do believe!

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