My Chilli Marmalade tryout!

All praise for this delicious recipe must go to Emily over at She has the best food site i’ve discovered, plus she’s an expat Aussie so she’s great in my books 🙂


Here is a picture some of the ingredients you’ll need.Recipe follows.


10 Red capsicums (Peppers), diced small

10 Long Red chillies, sliced with seeds left in

1 head of garlic minced

1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger, sliced finely

750gm Raw castor sugar

250ml Red wine vinigar

Combine all on top of stove and cook, stirring often until it resembles jam. Bottle into hot, sterilized jars and seal with lids immediately.


I made a heartful of chillies!


Boil all together just like this!


And this is what you end up with! It actually made 3.5 one cup jars of lovely sticky hot (but not devestatingly hot) chilli marmalade. One of the nicest I’ve tried. Great with cheese, steak and inserted into stirfries. Yummo!

Bon appetite!

3 thoughts on “My Chilli Marmalade tryout!

  1. I actually read this post and replied to it! Not sure what happened but when I clicked “Follow” to have your posts delivered to my inbox, it said “now being followed in your reader” so NO idea what is going on! I will get you delivered one way or other though! ;). Sometimes this technology bites! 😉

    1. Yay Welcome back to me Fronkii. Check out my Gluten Free Carrot cake i’m going to be blogging about in my next blog. It is seriously delicious! Of course, the cream cheese frosting helps too 😉

      1. YUM!!! I lerrrrrrve carrot cake Pinky :). I can’t make a good one aside from my sourdough kefir one. It’s the only recipe for carrot cake that I have ever tried that didn’t come out gummy and too moist. I will give your recipe a go as well :).

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