11 thoughts on “A Heartful of Chillies

  1. Looks like I am going to have to send an email? I have been invited to “morning tea” today so when I get back I will enlighten you with how to do what you want to do (my guess is link pictures to other blogs?)

    1. Why hello Jean. I am Cathy, Frans sister. Thank you for your kind words. It’s taken a lifetime it seems for me to truly realise the joys of making preserves although I have been preserving most of my adult married and unmarried life. I love bottling fruit off my fruit trees or wherever I can get decent fruit from when my trees are not producing. My favorite is Apricot Jam. It’s a wonderous feeling to know you have a bottle/jar of preserved Nectarines orApricots in your pantry that has no preservatives aside from sugar, no sprays or other chemicals and you made it yourself :).

      1. Cathy, delighted to meet you. Did’t realise you and Fran were related. I absolutely love pickling and jam making. One of the other joys of this activity is sharing the results amongst family and friends. I do give big hints that I would like them to throw any of their empty jam jars my way! ha ha All I have to do then is buy new lids and I have a really good supplier on Brisbane south side. Must go, I have some choko jam just coming to the boil. I’m going through my ‘choko phase’ at the moment.

    2. Hello Jean! Lovely words from a fellow preserver :). I’ve preserved lots of fruit and jams and pickles over the years. I’m beginning to realise why my Mum was forever pickling something. I miss her eye wateringly good pickled onions and her jam. Love your blog too 😀

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